About Tanec

About Tanec

TANEC - The Soul of Macedonia

Symbol of Macedonian culture and art for six decades!

Ambassador of Macedonian folklore!

The ensemble “Tanec” is a symbol of the Macedonian folklore, tradition and culture for about 6 decades; it is an ambassador that unselfishly shares and presents Macedonian tradition in the country and abroad.

For 6 decades “Tanec” has been a mobile museum of the most beautiful, precious and ancient Macedonian material and nonmaterial folklore heritage, costumes, with unique embroideries that represents the core of Macedonian identity deeply curved in the conscience of Macedonians. Some of the costumes have more than 150 years.

The ensemble of the traditional folk dances and songs “Tanec” was created in 1949, by “Decree of the Macedonian Government”, as a need to create institution which will preserve, take care and enrich the Macedonian folklore.

It is worth mentioning the first performance and presentation that “Tanec” had outside of the boundaries of its homeland, was at the The International Music Festival in Llangolend in Wales, UK in 1950, where the ensemble won the first price and at the same time won the “full score” of the jury, which was historical event both for “Tanec” and the Macedonian culture. It is worth mentioning that “full score” was given for the first time since the festival was formed.

The ensemble “Tanec” through the years, has been participating at over 4500 concerts, festivals and other events, gathering over eight million visitors.

They have been awarded numerous awards, diplomas and gratitudes among which many prestigious national awards such as:  “11 Oktomvri”, “Kliment Ohridski” and “13 November” of the City of Skopje, “The Merit Order of the  R. of Macedonia”.

As a proof of the good artistic quality of the dances, the songs and the costumes, stand numerous positive critics, reviews and columns written by top rated folk experts, published and broadcasted in the Macedonian and international media.

“Tanec” repertoire encompasses one of the most beautiful traditional dances and songs from all over Macedonia such as: “Nevestinsko”, “Teshkoto”, “Komitsko”, “Chifte chamche”, “Osogovka” and many others. And this is only a part of it.

In its noble cultural mission, “Tanec” is in constant cooperation with the Macedonian emigrants at the diaspora. Therefore “Tanec” is performing in many countries where Macedonians dwell. “Tanec” is continuously helping other Macedonian folk ensembles in these countries, but primarily it is doing a tremendous work in Macedonia by handing down the folk tradition.

There is one saying among the inhabitants of former Yugoslavia that goes: “Don’t sing when you’re passing through Bosnia and Herzegovina, don’t dance when you are passing through Serbia, but don`t you dare to dance and sing when you’re passing through Macedonia because you will be over-sang and over-danced. That is the tradition and the folklore that Macedonian people jealously hide deep in the hearts, as a best kept secret, as a first love kept from the mother, as candle fire that lights the tunnel.

“The real dance is fragmented into as many different memories as people who shared it.”

In other words, “Tanec” represents “The book of genesis” of the Macedonians.